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Our condolences to your family. We know this time can be overwhelming. The Carewell family is here to guide and support you each step of the way.

If you would like to proceed with starting the paperwork, start the vital statics form below.

Start Vital Statics
Documents that will be signed prior to cremation
1.Release Form
The release form allows Carewell to take your loved on into our care. Many hospital and releases require a written and/or verbal release.
2.Contract of Goods and Services
This is the contract that outlines the Goods and Services we will provide along with the pricing from our General Price List.
3.Cremation Authorization Form
The Authorization allows outlines the cremation process in detail and allows families to detail what they want and who is responsible when it comes to their loved one's cremation. It also provides Carewell Cremations the legal authority to perform the cremation.
4.Working Copy of the Death Certificate
Once you have submitted the vital statics form we will update and provide you with a draft of the death certificate to ensure accuracy. Once a death certificate is filed with the state it can week or months to make updates so it is important to make sure the death certificate is accurate.
5. Identification for Cremation
Legally your loved one must be identified by an authorized agent before preforming cremation. You have the option to do this in person or virtually via photograph.
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